Our Team

Joe Ritson, CEO

Growth Interests:
To take The Aileron Group to another level, by developing a sustainable business strategy encouraging aggressive growth within the IT managed services sector.

In 2001, from within the ‘tech bubble’, Joe Ritson and a small, trusted team set out to create a technology company that was business focused.  One with a strong discipline in applying best practices in whatever turns it took.

Since that time, The Aileron Group has worked with Security Application Development, Risk Mitigation, but hit its stride within the Managed Services realm.  Joe came well prepared for his ‘ringleader’ role in all this, having worked within software manufacturing with Lotus Development Corporation, acting as lead systems engineer to operations manager; in implementation, managing multi-million dollar corporations such as 3-M and PriceWaterhouseCoopers with Renaissance Worldwide; and as the customer in his role as Chief Information Officer with Knowledge Impact, launching their e-learning programs.

Joe has a strong sense of what he wants his company to be, and how he wants it to do business.  Experience from every perspective of the technology industry has given him a strong desire to create a consultancy that provides definitive value, unique understanding and real, measurable results  for clients ranging from small, Boston based companies to international manufacturers and construction concerns.

His goal now is to help The Aileron Group outgrow him; to take the company to its fullest potential, with revenues to equal its ascendancy, success that would demand a new, professional CEO as ‘ringleader’, leaving Joe to be the ‘the idea guy’ once more.