Our Team

Tom Ostfeld, Director of Operations

Tom is a founding partner of Aileron who brings a large breadth of business experience to the technology sector.  His background includes a role as Operations Manager for Lord and Taylor, and as Manager of Technical Support and Network Operations Manager for Knowledge Impact. 
At Aileron, Tom assumes the vital role of management of day to day operations and client support for the small and mid-sized concerns we serve.  The reason Aileron provides such heads-and-tails above service and commitment to its customers has a lot to do with Tom.  Through him, each of our clients feels how important their business is to us.  Tom’s guidance has helped the companies we serve work better, smarter, and most importantly, continuously in the way they need to work, 24/7.

Tom spends his time off work with his wife and child near Boston. Like all of us, he has his vices — video games and a deep appreciation of choral music mostly — he’s able to manage it all with aplumb.