Virtual CIO

Use Technology to Deliver on Your Business Objectives.

You’ve got a business plan, you’ve got tactical needs and you’ve got a strategic vision. Question is, will your technology work for or against you?

Any long term business strategy benefits from a CIO or Advisor who can plug into business plans and boil these goals down to strategic plans and objectives for its technology. Someone working for your company to convert these plans into tactical goals and objectives that achieve actionable results. That said, most companies on the path to long term growth don’t need that CIO as a full time resource.

Aileron’s Virtual CIO service begins in your business. We talk to managers, key people with histories at the company. We get to know how work gets done, then offer tactical, practicable technological plans to make them happen. Our work is focused, action oriented and our results measurable.

For mid sized companies, Aileron’s Virtual CIO enables access to top tier strategic technological solutions which can be understood and implemented to produce tangible results. Clients are offered a path, a plan to deliver on – whether it’s to solve a problem or accommodate growth – in a form that offers management, executive teams and boards connect with. Many times our plans can be implemented by the Aileron team.

Many times they can be implemented by internal IT resources or your current IT sources.

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