Project Management

There’s a problem you need to address internally. Systems down too frequently, mobile users unable to log on – from cross country networking to expansion or relocation, it’s costing you too much in downtime and wasted resources.

Aileron’s business-first approach means you won’t just fix the leak that’s the problem. Our team takes a look at your how your company functions, both culturally and technologically, making sure the money you spend to fix that problem, assuage that need, is not only well spent but lasting.

First we give you the quick fix, to keep your users working, then we step back, get to know your end users’ needs, your company goals and the workflow process from inside.

We research the technologies we suspect you’ll require, we price, take a look at your entire data system and how this technology will work within that, then provide the most affective, lasting solution.

We are:

Technology agnostic — recommendations and options arrived at not through a periscope of partnership, but the vision of business and the array of technology available.

Honest — we pull no punches. Our team knows what it’s doing, it does that job well. We’re thoughtful in our approach and honest in our answers.

Efficient — Aileron is focused and streamlined. The people who know the answers are doing the work. Processes are in place, results delivered. Any problems in that equation, we’ll let you know.

Agile — From one server, smaller concerns to corporations with offices worldwide, Aileron comes at any technology problem the same way. Determination to fix the problem, implement the solution, get the work done time and time again.

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