Mergers & Acquisitions

The worth of a company can pivot on the internal workings of its people and its systems.  Functionality at any level is reliant on the technology set in place and the cultural situation. 

Aileron’s joint work with both Merger & Acquisition and Venture Capital firms offers these companies a savvy resource with experienced understanding of both business and technology. Aileron is led by experienced business professionals who have seen first hand the debilitating effect poor business processes, inefficient technologies and poorly run IT organizations can have on a company’s growth.

Our team is skilled at assessing the tactical functionality of any company, and technology’s role within.   We help determine the kinds of investment costs and overall time required to solve systemic issues and provide a strategic vision into the company through its very core – its end users and the technology upon which they rely.

As a strategic IT consultancy, Aileron offers the honest view, the big picture and the consultative understanding that can help you better assess a company’s current functionality, its true worth and its position for long term growth.

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