End-of-Life Upgrades

Technology ages in overdrive. Trying to extend hardware well past its usable life can mean stopped work, wasted man hours, susceptibility to viruses, security breaches and emergency fixes and significant expense. 

We have a philosophy at Aileron.  First, fix the problems short term.  Then, take a strong look at the business, a detailed assessment of its current technology, then tell our clients honestly what they need.  Often times, that means a pro-active approach to end of life upgrades.  We handle it all, cycling out the inefficient, past-prime equipment, updating technology, and helping you streamline your workflow with the right technology plan.

Aileron does its homework.  Check out the most efficient, most intelligent options available to you, given your usage, business objectives and budget.  Our team can work with your team to keep the work flowing through the company, with minimal disruption internally or in your systems.

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